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Road Food!

I just received the book Roadfood, 10th Edition by Jane and Michael Stern. It's great! I wish I had thought to write a book like this, so I could justify traveling across the country and eating great food!

They compiled a list of top 100 restaurants across the country, as well as must-visit restaurants for each of the states. Restaurants are ordered by region, then by state. There is not a listing by city. There is also a visual overview with restaurants starred on a map of each state.

I found some of my favorite restaurants that I've visited around the country, as well as some new places I want to try in my area.  I also enjoyed looking at cities that I'll be traveling to this year, to see which venues I need to put on our calendar.

Hats off to the authors for publishing a great book!
I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.
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Great New Study Bible for Kids!

I just got through looking through the NIV Kids' VisualStudy Bible. I think it's great! The target audience: girls and boys ages 8-12. It's  NIV, with the complete text included. It has a hardback cover with glossy images on the front

Stand out features:

Over 700 relevant illustrations, photos, infographics, and maps are integrated throughout the bookBook introductions that include important facts about the book, including author, characters, audience, purpose, location, and key storiesStudy notes related to the scripture on most pagesIt has the typical table of contents, plus an alphabetical table of contents, so people can easily find a book of the Bible.It has an infographics index which directs readers to the major diagrams, graphs, and tables scattered throughout the book. Ex: The lifeline of Abraham, statistics about fear/trust verses in Psalms, and the resume of Zerubbabel.This is an awesome resource for children!  I would highly recommend this Bible for children who …

4 Steps to Creating Your Own Family Code

We got published by a parenting group called Homer, so I thought you would enjoy seeing the article!
ann  ::)

4 Steps to Creating Your Own Family Code

Not sure if your family is like mine, but we often seem to go in many different directions at once, and just getting the family around the table for dinner at the same time is deemed an achievement. As the season gets busier with graduations, weddings, and summer travel ahead, I’ve reached out to youth development experts Ann Saylor and Susan Ragsdale to share a good activity to keep your family strong and intentional. Susan and Ann are nationally recognized trainers and best-selling authors with a collective 45 years of experience in the field of youth development and leadership. Their mantra “play, live, lead with purpose” is evident in all they do. 4 Steps to Creating Your Own Family Code by Ann Saylor & Susan Ragsdale Have you ever written a family code that defines your family’s way of being together and making choices? Think abou…

Take Hold of Technology by Being Intentional!

One of their sales phrases is "Reclaiming real life in a world of devices", and they help readers to do just that. The book shares relatable stories, practical tips, tech-related statistics, and vulnerable insights into the author's own family.  I  found myself nodding with their insights continually, especially as we have one teen and two preteens in the house. I wondered how extreme their philosophy would be because our culture has truly gone haywire with devices! But the ideas weren't extreme. The suggestion will still take courage and discipline to implement, and I'm sure it will require a check in our family choices on a regular basis, but the suggestions aren't crazy difficult. 

I would honestly recommend this book to anyone who wants to consider the impact technology will have in his life. Technology will surely consume an individual and a family if tech owners don't use technology with purpose and caution.

I received this book from the publisher in…

Mystery Suspense Novel!

Deep Extraction is another page-turner that readers are going to love. This mystery is Suspenseful to the very end. Full of action and mystery. Many characters are suspects, but readers won't know who it is until the end of the book. The novel is very well-written - you can feel the agony, guilt, suspicion, sorry, regret, and hope that the characters are feeling. It is full of lessons on character - and how "your character will always find you out" and your decisions impact the lives of so many people. It also had some good conversations about faith.

Here is a link to the book trailer if you'd like  to see it.

I would recommend this book to readers age 17+.  The content is almost completely clean, but there is a lot of talk about an affair and a scene where they find lingerie leftover from the affair.  Were it not for that scene, I would have let my 15-year-old son read it, and I'm sure he would have loved the story.

I received this book from the publisher in exchan…

Introducing Lisa Harris

The cover of Lisa Harris' new book, Pursued, says that she has written nearly 30 books, but this is the first time I've read anything by her. I'm always hesitant to pick up fiction without knowing the author, because I don't want to get stuck in the middle of a book that i really shouldn't read.

Pursued is an excellent suspense novel - and totally clean and packed with action!  It's fast-paced with twists and turns all over the place. It includes strong relationships between several of the characters. The story is easy to follow, and it will definitely hold a reader's interest.  The main characters are very well-developed, and you can almost hear their thought patterns and feel their emotions as you read.

This is book #3 in the series, but I honestly didn't even know that until writing my review. I didn't feel lost in the story at all. Though I am now interested in going back to read # 1-2.

I would recommend this book to any reader age 15+. Men and…

New novel by Kim Vogel Sawyer

I enjoyed reading Grace and the Preacherby Kim Vogel Sawyer this week. The characters were unique and well-developed.  Several themes were woven throughout the book including:  deceit vs. honestythe connectedness of small town communitiesthe impact of loving role models that invest in other people's livesthe power of the gospel and the Bible to change peoplegiven family vs. a family that embraces you and molds you
I would recommend the book to any reader age 15+, but probably more for women and girls. It would be a good mother-daughter book, because there are so many character lessons available to discuss together.
I received this book as a gift from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.